THANK YOU! Our Donor Memorial

The renovate.the.ridge campaign is proudly supported by numerous business and personal donors through cash and volunteer hours, many of which are matched by companies like Microsoft Corporation. We would like to honor their donation to the project both online and in our upcoming physical Donor Memorial at Redmond Ridge Park.

Dream Builders – the visionaries who spent countless hours shaping the concept, rolling up their sleeves and laying the foundation for Renovate.The.Ridge

  • Dan Dow
  • Darryl Beliel
  • Mark Dow
  • Paul Lawyer
  • Paul Nealon
  • Robert Landick
  • Steve Mitchell
  • Todd Sanders
  • 2013 project team: Mark Fazio, James McBain, Scott Hilbun, JD Klein and the 2013 Executive Board of RNLL

$10,000 Hall of Fame Donor

$5,000 MVP Donor

  • The Gordon Family
  • JD and Traci Klein, Spencer, Harrison & Whitney, Traci Klein Real Estate
  • The Shay Family

$2,500 All Star Donor

  • Anonymous
  • Les and Erin Dow and Dow Baseball Club
  • The Clark Family
  • The Holt Family
  • The Howe Family
  • The Lawyer Family
  • The Shaw Family

$1000 Major League Donor

  • Anonymous
  • The Becker Family
  • Andy and Lori Glass
  • The Nealon Family
  • Stuart Parsons Allstate Insurance
  • The Shoup Family
  • The Torset Family
  • The Tschumper Family
  • The Ulvestad Family
  • The Warriner Family
  • The Wiebke Family
  • The Wilkins Family

$500 Diamond Donor

  • Jeff and Kim Allen
  • The Baugher Family
  • The Blumer Family
  • Darren, Linda, Jacob and Matthew Brady
  • Bruce and Peggy Gladner
  • Scott  and Kari Hall
  • The Medeiros Family
  • The Mueller Family
  • The Stevenson Family
  • Roger Thorn
  • The Weisbly Family
  • Brad  and Marjorie Wilson

$50-$499 Friends of the Ridge Donor

  • The Banks Family
  • The Bies Family
  • The Byrnes Family
  • The Gene Cook Family
  • The Steve Cook Family
  • The Davis Family
  • The Davy Family
  • The Dan Dow Family
  • The Mark Dow Family
  • The Edwards Famiily
  • Mark and Beth Fazio
  • The Gomez Family
  • The Heindel Family
  • Scott, Julia, Ellen and Jack Hilbun
  • The Holliway Family
  • The Jaffe Family
  • The Kress Family
  • The Lavering Family
  • The Lutz Family
  • The McCannon Family
  • The Mitchell Family
  • The Mitz Family
  • The Mossman Family
  • Bruce and Diana Narloch
  • The Olin Famly
  • The Peterson Family
  • The Reichonadter Family
  • The Reed Family
  • The Rial Family
  • The Robinson Family
  • The Sabin Family
  • The Sheldon Family
  • The Wicks Family
  • The Wright Family


We need to close a $100,000 gap by Oct 31, 2013 by raising cash, in kind services and materials donations to fund above ground amenities. Join the generous families and businesses above and make a donation now by clicking the Donate Now button near the top of the page or send a check or money order to RNLL, c/o Renovate the Ridge, PO Box 107, Redmond, WA 98053. Whether you can contribute $100, $1000 or $10,000 (or more!) we will recognize you under our Business and/or Family Leave a Legacy programs.  Contact JD Klein at to ask questions and get answers.


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