Help us Finish Strong!

We win!

Update Sept 25, 2013…

We need to raise appx. $100,000 by Oct 31. to finish the park and bring kid, family and group friendly amenities in the initial build out of the Redmond Ridge Park renovation project.

Right now our budget does not include the estimated $100,000 to improve the family experience factor, and the only thing standing in the way of a complete park is your donation. These amenities will improve safety, usefulness and overall enjoyment by families year round. That’s good for local kids and its good for our community.

Picture your family coming to the park feeling great about the experience for years to come – Redmond Ridge Park should be the place to be for kids, families and local groups spending more time together in any season! That’s how communities are built.

But none of this will happen unless $100,000 is raised by October 31st so we can incorporate these amenities in the initial project phase, saving thousands in the process. We don’t want to let a generation of kids down, or to squander a massive opportunity to improve our community for pennies on the dollar.  It’s the best deal Redmond will ever receive on something that’s so valuable to our kids and our community.

King County and the State of Washington have helped us fund the basic ground improvements. Now we need to complete the park by funding the remaining above ground amenities.


We need to close a $100,000 gap by Oct 31, 2013 by raising cash, in kind services and materials donations to fund above ground amenities. Make a donation now by clicking the Donate Now button near the top of the page or send a check or money order to RNLL, c/o Renovate the Ridge, PO Box 107, Redmond, WA 98053. Whether you can contribute $100, $1000 or $10,000 (or more!) we will recognize you under our Business and/or Family Leave a Legacy programs.  Contact JD Klein at to ask questions and get answers.


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